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Qualified and Passionate Lecturers

Leading with Inspiration and Drive, Scenario College Lecturers and Staff are not only passionate about shaping talented and skilled performers, but also providing the tools for our students to become well-rounded individuals who can prosper in and enhance the industry. With a culmination of more than 30 years experience in all aspects of the industry, your trust will not be misplaced.

Specialised Courses that will Give you the Edge

Our Featured Course in Performing Arts and Enterprise is tailored and specifically designed to hone all the skills necessary for a successful career with regular income in the arts industry. You will walk away ready to excel in a multitude of jobs and careers.

State of the Art Digital and Physical Resources

At Scenario College, we believe in giving you the best chance at success. This includes a resource infrastructure with an easily accessible student portal, an extensive online library (so you don't have to buy expensive books), efficient communications and state of the art equipment.

Learn in an Environment MADE for Performers - A Working Theatre

Our practical classes are all taught in a working and fully set-up theatre, giving our students the opportunity every day to hone their skills in an environment where they will spend their careers in. Furthermore, all students learn on the job with opportunities to work in the theatre and with popular and well-known artists, learning from them and having the chance to network.

About Scenario College for Performing Arts and Enterprise

Our Story

A New Way of Looking at the Arts Industry

Scenario College is the ultimate culmination of a dream of a group of Arts Industry Professionals who saw, from experience, a new way to give the new generation of artists and performers in South Africa the necessary tools to create successful and lucrative careers. It is no secret that so many talented individuals and artists, even after completing their studies, find it hard or impossible to support themselves and their families financially, and end up reverting to other industries or not even following through or enrolling for studies in the Performing Arts at all. The latest statistics from StatsSA show a great rate of unemployment and unstable employment under creatives in the Arts Industry, yet from 2019 to currently, the GDP contribution of the Creative Industry stands at a whopping 2.6% of the country's total GDP. This shows that the industry is, above popular belief, a goldmine of income and economic contribution. So why are artists struggling?

We have the Answer!

We at Scenario College have found the answer and the solution. Through not only honing our students' skills in the Performance Arts, but also focusing on giving them the skills and changing their mindsets to that of Entrepreneurship and Business, we will change the stigma around the Arts Industry. Scenario College Students will leave our campus at the end of their studies as full-rounded entrepreneurs with the intent and know-how to create work, careers and opportunities for themselves and the ability to walk directly into employment in a multitude of jobs. The Future of the Arts is in Entrepreneurship. We do not train performers who wait for casting calls, we train performers and individuals who will create opportunities for themselves. We create excellent performers who mean real business!

Performing Arts and Enterprise Course

3-Year Multi-Course Full-Time Program

Voice and Musical Theatre

Modules include Radio, Voiceover and Musical Theatre

Performance Studies

Modules Include Acting for Stage and Film, Movement, Directing, Writing and Production Technologies.

Enterprise Studies

Modules include Business Planning, Marketing, Arts Management, Project Management, Basic Financial Skills and The Art of Entrepreneurship.

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